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Low testosterone can make you feel like you are no longer the man you used to be. It can make you feel years older than you are. It can wear away at your confidence, but there is help available through with the caring Doctors at San Antonio Testosterone Clinic.

If you have noticed a significant decrease in your sex drive, have difficulty sleeping at night, and are starting to have trouble losing weight even if you are working out on a regular basis, you may be suffering from low hormone levels.

Symptoms of low testosterone

  • Loss of sexual interest
  • Decreased motivation
  • Unsuccessful dieting
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty concentrating

If you have been struggling to deal with one or more of the symptoms of low testosterone, San Antonio Testosterone Clinic may have the answer you have been searching to find. Replacement therapy or injections can help you by replenishing and balancing the natural hormone levels.

Testosterone is the hormone in men that produces sperm. It is responsible for the sex drive. It helps maintain the strength and density of bones and muscle mass. It also is responsible for helping to distribute fat throughout the body.

Testosterone levels begin to decline in adult males several years after the levels are at their highest during adolescence. This natural decline is different for every man and can occur for a variety of reasons including the lifestyle you lead and your overall health and fitness.

If testosterone levels drop at an increased rate in a short time span, it may be caused by the disease, Hypogonadism – a condition that limits the amount of testosterone the body produces due to improper functioning of the testes. Hypogonadism must be diagnosed by doctors or other medical professionals.

What is replacement therapy?

As men begin to age and testosterone levels will naturally begin to decline, but testosterone replacement therapy or injections is a type of hormone replacement therapy, also called HRT. Testosterone replacement therapy helps replenish or supplement testosterone through injections or other forms of application. Female patients may equally benefit from HRT if they need assistance with imbalanced hormones.

Doctors will be able to customize a therapy treatment plan that works for each individual patient. Besides injections and prescription medication or pills, there are also skin and mouth patches, gels, and implants.

The biggest decision is making the call to San Antonio Testosterone Clinic to get help for your low testosterone. Call the trusted Doctors and friendly staff at San Antonio Testosterone Clinic. You can discuss your symptoms and issues with professional Doctors, in a non-judgmental atmosphere, who understands the problems related to having low testosterone.

Call the Doctors at San Antonio Testosterone Clinic where you can get started on your therapy or injections immediately. Take back control of your health, weight, and fitness goals. Help is available that can lead you back to being the man you want to be so you can live the life you want to live.